Your Journey From Unemployed To Self-Employed


Internet marketing can be the new American Dream, instead of ‘Get a good education, get a good job with a good retirement plan, retire.’ Then spend your Golden Years wishing you were young and energetic enough to enjoy the things you couldn’t do in your youth.

With Internet marketing you can get a good education of a different kind, work hard and apply yourself to your new on-line business, and actually have enough disposable income, what you don’t need for food and shelter, to go on vacations whenever you please, you work from your computer and laptops go anywhere you do.

The New American Dream Internet Marketing

Building a home based Internet marketing business requires a somewhat different skill set than having a brick and mortar business or holding down a job, but there are similarities in all three.

You have to work hard and apply yourself if you want to get ahead.

Internet marketing must be approached as a business from the start, it can’t be ‘I’ll give a try.’ When your goal is to earn a check you can’t ‘give it a try’, you have to make it happen.

When you start a new job you don’t ‘give it a try’, you do your job as well as you can and try to earn raises and/or promotions.

When you open a store in a strip mall you don’t ‘give it a try’, you advertise, promote to your friends, anything you can think of to get customers into your store. You’ll have someone where a funny suit on the street if it gets you customers.

To succeed at Internet marketing you need to apply yourself the same way, treat it as a second job if you must, a job where you’re paid solely on commission, you’re not paid for your time, you’re paid for your results.

The Set Up

Most people who want to make money on-line start out with a vague idea, they’ve heard about it and want to check it out, but don’t know how or where to start.

You need a frame of reference to know how what you do on-line parallels with business practices in the ‘real world’.

When building a brick and mortar business what’s the first thing you need to have?

Something to sell or a place to sell it from? Which one first?

Both are important, but having something to sell doesn’t do much good if you don’t have a place for customers to buy it.

You start with a place of business, then work on a product line or lines. You start to generate a list of potential customers or clients. The basic steps are;

  1. Rent or buy a building or office space to do business from.
  2. Stock your business with inventory.
  3. Generate a list of potential customers or clients.
  4. Open for business.

That’s simplified, but it’s the general idea. Now to compare it to successful Internet marketing.

#1 Rent or buy a building or office space to do business from.

In Internet marketing this is a blog or website, blogs being far more versatile, easier to manage, far less expensive than websites to build, and can be build in less than a day, where traditional websites can take weeks to build.

That being said, some businesses still prefer a website over blogs, in both cases you need to get a Hosting account and at least one Domain name. A Hosting account is how other people see your site on-line, your Internet Storefront. Your Domain name is what people type into the address bar to go to your site.

One Hosting account can service multiple Domain names. Domain names cost about $12.00 a year for dot-coms, the best choice for a US based business.

You can get good Hosting for less than ten dollars a month, just be sure they have CPanel, that’s a must if you want to build your blog quickly and easily.

#2 Stock your business with inventory

After setting up your Internet Storefront you need products to sell. there are a lot of different way to get products you can market on-line, without having to buy them first yourself, a big plus in Internet marketing.

The two best ways are Affiliate marketing and Network marketing, both business models give you immediate access to products you can sell on-line.

Many Affiliate marketing programs are free to join as are most Network marketing opportunities, however to earn a monthly residual check in Network Marketing you need to have a monthly auto-ship, which varies from one opportunity t the next.

#3 Generate a list of potential customers or clients

Now that you have something to sell and somewhere to sell it from you need prospective customers, or prospects for short. When you have a physical store you place ads and pass out fliers, on-line you build a list of names.

Internet marketing has a saying, ‘The money is in the list’, more specifically, the opt in list.

You need people to agree to accept your marketing emails before you send them. To get this permission you need what is called an Auto-Responder, and you use it to create an Opt In Form.

You place your Opt In Form on a Lead Capture Page, also called a Squeeze Page, or in a Text Widget on your Blog.

Once a Prospect has opted in to your list you can have your auto-responder set up to deliver pre-written marketing emails without your having to do anything else, after you set up your auto-responder, which can take some time.

Once properly set up your auto-responder is like your business auto-pilot, once prospects opt in it’s all automatic.

You can gt a free one month trial at most Auto-Responder providers, after that they start at about ten bucks a month.

#4 Open for business

Time to make some money, surprise, you’re already open. You opened for business the minute you put you Opt In Form live on-line.

Unlike a traditional store with Internet marketing you don’t have to advertise Opening Day for weeks to get people there, once you start to advertise you are open for business.

The Cost

  1. Hosting $6.95 month at
  2. Auto-Responder From $10.00 month
  3. Domain name $12.00 year

Those are your basic costs to market on-line if you go with Affiliate marketing, with Network marketing you also have your monthly Auto-ship, which can be anything from less than $100.00 to more than a thousand dollars

Can you seriously afford to not start Internet marketing?


Source by Michael C Cole