Super Green Hosting Review


These days many folks are rushing to start their very own websites and share them with the world. It’s true that you can use free hosting services to get your site up and running, but to truly have the freedom to customize your site and provide value to your visitors, you will need a professional web hosting account. But did you know that your web host can damage the environment? A lot of people do not realize the true impact the servers have on the environment.  The average server produces the same emissions as a 15 mpg SUV let alone the data centre where the server is located which consumes on average as much electricity as 30,000 households. So while you are hosting your website, you could be damaging the environment as well.

Super Green Hosting is one of the first green web hosting companies in the world. It is dedicated to helping its customers host their sites in a way that is not harmful for the environment. It also engages in tree planning projects to help make our lives a little bit greener. So you could say its packages are designed for folks who are passionate about the green movement.

Super Green Hosting provides a free domain to all customers. You get to keep your domain for free for the duration of your contract. In addition, you can host an unlimited number of domains on your hosting account. You also get an unlimited number of databases and e-mail accounts with your hosting account, and there is no limit on how much server space you can use for your websites, and there is no bandwidth limit neither.

Super Green Hosting provides developers and designer with tools that they can use to design sophisticated websites. As a customer, you gain access to PHP, MySQL, CGI, and CRON as a part of your hosting package. In addition, you can instantly install WordPress, PHPBB, and other software packages using your hosting interface.

Super Green is an unlimited eco-friendly hosting service that puts no limit on the number of domains that you can host or the amount of server space that you can consume. It is designed for folks who are interested in designing complicated websites, but at the same time care about the mother nature as well. If you are a website owner and passionate about saving the environment, Super-Green provides you with plenty of features to host your website and save the environment in the process.


Source by Panah C Rad