Phishing Facebook

Welcome To Phishing FaceBook
For educational purpose only

Alternative – Use blackeye tool in Kali Linux

Required Python2 or Python3

Download Links:

  • Install Python from given links(Add Environment Vars if needed).
  • Install Python Django
command > python -m pip install Django==1.8.9
  • Install Python Requests
command > python -m pip install requests
Download Repo (Commands)
Make Backened (Commands)
  • command\Facebook-phishing > python makemigrations
  • command\Facebook-phishing > python migrate
  • command\Facebook-phishing > python createsuperuser (this for creating admin username and password)
Run Server (Commands)
  • command\Facebook-phishing > python runserver
Target User
  • Open Link EX.
  • Enter Facebook Username and Password
Look for Password
  • Open :/admin in browser Ex.
Admin Usernam:Password
  • root:root
Tricks to Hack Password Easily
  • use MITM (Arp Spoofing)
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Reports Bugs and Feedback
Happy Hacking Day :)