How To Select the Right Web Hosting Company


Selecting the right web hosting company is the most important and very easy task, if you know what information to look for and where to find it. I will explain you list of things you should look for when choosing a hosting company. These days there is a lot of competition between Web Hosting companies, finding a top web hosting is easier than ever. Majority of web hosting companies offer money back guarantee for 30 to 90 days, giving you the freedom to cancel the service if not satisfied.

Hosting reliability and uptime:

The minimum server uptime should be 99% and up. Otherwise, it will be disaster for your website and you will end up losing business and traffic. There are many web monitoring companies who monitor these web sites and release performance data to public. After establishing a web site you should sign up with one of these companies, they send you an email right away to inform you when your site is down.

24/7 Technical Support:

Look for company that provides 24/7 toll free support because sometimes you might not have long distance phone access which in a way can be additional cost to your hosting plan. You never know when you will run into a problem and need to contact technical support right away to resolve the issue with your website. Email support is nice option to have but sometimes it takes hours and even days to get an answer to resolve your problem. Another support option available is “live chat.”

Bandwidth and Disk Space:

It’s important to choose the right amount of bandwidth and disk space when buying a hosting plan. Usage of Band width depends on many factors such as average daily visitors, average page views, average page size, average daily file downloads, average file size etc. Normally web hosting companies offer bandwidth in GB/month. Approximately 1GB is sufficient for medium size website. Standard disk space offered by hosting companies is 3000mb, which is good enough for small to medium size website unless you are planning to use lots of graphics and videos on your site.

Control Panel:

control panels help you to manage your website such as installing scripts and other services such as an email. There are many types of control panels available from host to host. Some of the famous ones are Vdeck, CPanel, Fantastico, Helm and Plesk. Many Web Hosting companies have demos setup on their site or they can direct you to a demo site where you can learn more about the control panel before buying a hosting plan. Try to find the one that is easy to use and has the functionality that you need. For newbie’s I recommend a Vdeck control panel because it’s simple and very easy to use.

Software and Scripts:

Before selecting a hosting company make sure to see if the right applications, software and scripts are being offered. Such software scripts and database include database server software, scripting software, and operating system. Most hosting providers provide Linux-based web hosting which offers a wide range of different software. A typical configuration for a Linux server is the LAMP platform: Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl/Python. UNIX and Windows are also popular for hosting platform.


As I have mentioned earlier, there is a lot of competition among companies, many basic shared hosting planes are available from $4.95- $11 a month. Many web hosting companies provide free domain for life with basic plans. Cheap shared plan is not always the best option, some hosting companies host way too many web sites on sever, which results in more down time and slow website.

Hopefully, by keeping above in consideration will help you find the right hosting company.


Source by Salik S