How To Choose A Good Web Hosting Company To Host Your Website


There are thousands if not millions of companies providing hosting services. Thus, it is extremely difficult to know which companies provide excellent web hosting service at an excellent price. The following article that I have written helps you to know what you should look out for when choosing a company to host your website.

A hosting company charges you a monthly fee that ranges from US$ 6 per month to US$ 12 per month for shared hosting and US$ 150 per month to US$ 230 per month for dedicated hosting. Some web companies offer free or inexpensive hosting and I recommend that you should never signup or buy these hosting packages as you would most likely get lousy support, lots of server downtimes or annoying ads on your website or blog and in the worst scenarios, your web host may go bankrupt and you lose all the work that you have created.

Before choosing a hosting company, you need to estimate the amount of diskspace and bandwidth that you would use for the near future and make sure that your prospective hosting provider would be able to handle your future needs. The last thing you would want to do is to switch your hosting provider while your website is experiencing significant growth as it is way too troublesome to switch to another hosting provider.

When you are surfing the net to choose a company to host your website, you would have come across some companies that sell hosting packages and domain names. I recommend that you should not buy your web hosting packages and domain name from the same company for the sake of convenience because if your account is terminated by the company, you would lose everything as your domain name and web pages are with them.

When you are choosing a hosting company, please make sure that it can accommodate the tools that you wish to add to your website.

When you are choosing a web hosting provider, you have to make sure that it provides you with excellent support for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and be able to solve any problem that is associated with your hosting account.

Lastly, you should also make sure that your prospective web hosting company has a sound infrastructure as you do not want your website to be down frequently.

Some hosting companies that I recommend are HostGator, Blue Host and Fat Cow.


Source by Jon Wee