Free Hosting Without Banner Advertising


Actually there are a few hosting-providers answering these demands. Many companies provide free hosting just for a start, but then suddenly begin to take money for the whole service. Most of the hosting-providers demand advertising banners to be placed on site pages, or a customer can use unpaid hosting but for a limited period of time (for about a year). At the same time, a lot of companies provide comparatively qualitative hosting, that supposes presence of different functions in return for banner ads on customers’ web pages. Besides, most hosting-providers who do not demand banner positioning, have weak servers. In some cases, servers do not answer at all.

How do hosting-companies earn their living if they do not advertise on customers’ web pages? This companies try to earn money at the expense of paid offers for users. Very often the price for paid service is not big. If to take up such service of free hosting, then one can discover that options Front Page extensions or CGI-BIN directory will be provided just for limited time, and for the further usage you will have to pay. Another opportunity to earn money for a hosting-provider working for free is a regular mailing to clients ads about some product. In this case an advertiser pays to a hosting-company.

Strategies how to use free hosting

At first hosting-companies’ behavior is ideal: there are quick servers, exact scripts work, good traffic. But sooner or later all this freezes. This is connected with a multiplying interest to hosting, with opening new and new sites, as the result, servers cannot cope with pressure, scripts do not work properly.

A tip. If you are looking for free hosting because of money lack, just buy a domain name. First, register it. This won’t cost you much: about $10-12 annually for com, net and org. All you need to get is a CMS and a free forwarding. With the help of forwarding you will be able to forward visitors to any free hosting you choose. If hosting begins to work improperly, you simply make a site copy on another hosting and make its forwarding from your main domain name. The rest which is necessary is to use offers of free hosting companies about a temporary site allocation without any ads positioning.


Source by Alesia Arefjeva