Disadvantages Of Having Too Much Content And Too Many Links On A Website


Remember this golden rule – Too much of a good thing will only lead to something bad. The dynamics of the content and links are easily among the most important issues that you need to know and understand. Can the number of links and content affect the ranking of your website?

Negative Effects of Too Many Links

Links are considered as the lifeblood of websites and it is what drives traffic to your site. The necessity of link-building is one of the constants that we need to take into account when it comes to SEO strategies. While other performance variables remain volatile and unpredictable and search engines adjusts the weight of various elements as fast as we change clothes, having a sufficient number of links is normally one of the main priorities of webmasters. Links is the measure of relevance of the web pages and defines how the website establishes its standing in search engine results.

Notwithstanding the positive points of link-building, going overboard in your link-building campaign can actually do more harm than good. While the relevance and positive effects of link-building have stood the test of time, breaching the threshold can actually do serious harm to the website’s ranking. With too many links per page, you will see the downgrading of the ranking of your website. Google actually recommends that we maintain a decent number of links on our web pages, and the recommendation is that we should not go over 100 links per page. Some experts believe that indexing of more than a hundred links in a page may set off the alarms of spam filters and result to the downgrading of the quality of the subject web page.

This can be a major challenge if you are managing a site that promotes or sells a fair number of products. Of course, the best solution is to cut back on the number of links so that you comply with the less-than-100 rule. You may have to split product and catalogs and distribute them into several pages so that you don’t breach the 100-link cap. You may use this as an opportunity to create a seamless classification of the products that you are selling or promoting in your website.

Negative Effects of Too Much Content

Content is king, but this does not necessarily mean that you can resort to content overdose. If you try to lump all the content in a single page, then there is the strong possibility that your site will never be indexed by search engine spiders. Search engines don’t like websites that are cluttered with irrelevant content, and they would not index pages that are deemed wanting in terms of valuable content.

In addition to this, too much content can negatively affect the CTR and conversion rate of your website. If you try to concentrate a lot of information and data in a single page, your reader may find the experience a bit too overwhelming. Web writing is a completely different animal to writing content for printed materials. Visitors to your site don’t “read” the content; they scan them. And if you have a clutter if information and data in your web pages, you can consider yourself lucky if you can hold them for more than 15 seconds.


Source by Darren W Chow