All You Should Know About Linux & Linux Web Hosting


As a business owner, you should have your website so that you can get customers through internet and earn revenues. When you are all set to publish your website, you should look for a suitable hosting provider who can provide accessible services at reasonable prices. There are several types of web hosting service providers, so you need to be bit careful. Before you buy services of some web hosting service provider ask which operating system they use for hosting. In today’s world where every now and then there is a new technology being introduced it is important to have the best service provider to meet the future requirements. It is better to choose Linux hosting or Linux reseller hosting on web servers as operating system like Microsoft Windows does not support many latest software and programs.

Most of the people know about Microsoft Windows as it’s mainly used at home, work or at school. It’s very simple to use Windows for beginners and as you don’t need any knowledge of the various commands. You can just open the required file or folder or application by just locating the cursor on it and then clicking it with mouse. Linux is a system with an open-source code which means that it’s free and source codes are appropriately documented and simply extended.

Linux can work on normal x86 computers and Linux hosting can be done on high-power servers. Linux is provided in the big variety of objects though most of the hosting-companies prefer Mandrake Linux or Red Hat Linux which are proficient to sustain hundreds of sites with millions hits per day.

If you don’t use any operation modules or unusual programming systems, you won’t definitely notice any dissimilarity between Linux and Windows servers. Both Linux hosting server and Windows hosting server can sustain with no difficulty to well visit sites and a variety of additions like web statistics, chat-rooms and email. Being an open source code, Linux is a free source so most of the hosting providers prefer Linux hosting and Linux reseller hosting on their web servers than Windows based hosting.

The most important difference is in the costing and software compatibility. It’s required to renew Windows license regularly. Windows hosting packages are generally more expensive than Linux hosting packages. And also that’s what affects the reseller hosting market. The Windows reseller hosting is more expensive than the Linux reseller hosting.

If your site applies active server pages, it will host more reliably on Windows-server. Surely, it will also work on a Linux-server too, but it may be some small breakdowns which at the outset are not evident. If you are using Microsoft SQL databases, they will be supported as part of Windows hosting packages.

Remember that before you order any web hosting; be absolutely sure that all mechanisms of your site including designing, databases, programming, and all rest will toil on it. If have any doubts, take advice from department of sales or technical support department of the hosting company before taking any decision.


Source by Anand Maheshwari