FaceBoom installation

  • SCRIPT: FaceBoom
  • JOB: Brute Force Attack On Facebook Accounts

  • SCRIPT ScreeenShot:
    • Usage:
    • Brute Force On Facebook Account Without proxy:
    • Command: python faceboom.py -t Oseid@gmail.com -w wlist.txt
    • Brute Force On Facebook Account With Proxy:
    • Command: python faceboom.py -t Oseid@gmail.com -w wlist.txt -p
    • Get Target Facebook Profile ID:
    • Command: python faceboom.py -g https://www.facebook.com/zuck

For Install:

Supported Platforms:
  •  Windows
  •  Linux
  •  Android~Termux
  •  MacOs
  •  any Os has python(2.x, 3.x) with required modules
Protect yourself from this attack:
  • Use Strong Password which contains {letters(lower,upper),tokens,numbers} make it longest as possible, at least 10 letters
  • don’t use your basic information in the password for example don’t use your name or birthday
    because the hacker can do a information gathering attack and get this information easily
    then he will generate a wordlist based on this info.
  • Use 2F Authentication.
  • this script is only for educational purposes
  • i am not responsible for your actions.
That’s All 🙂