Is AWS or Linode which is better

There’s no question AWS is the big kahuna in the cloud. Amazon has built a portfolio of close to 200 products, covering basics like compute, storage, network, and database, as well as more advanced services like cloud based quantum computing, deep analytics, and IoT applications.

If you are a large enterprise and need the ability to customize your infrastructure, AWS is a good fit. But if you’re a small business owner or independent developer, having access to all of that advanced cloud technology comes at a cost: unnecessary complexity, risk of lock-in to Amazon’s ecosystem, and frequent billing surprises.

Most organizations move to the cloud to avoid complexity and reduce costs. For them, AWS can be overkill. What they really want is a provider that fits what their business needs: one with the core services they need at price-performance levels that match or exceed what a larger provider like AWS can deliver.

Why Choose Linode?

  1. Want to save money, Linode customers can save 100-300% over AWS with our predictable flat pricing and generous bundled transfer.  
  2. Want the best customer support without restrictions.  Free 100% human no-handoff support (including phone support) regardless of spend.
  3. Appreciate simplicity, Linode dramatically simplifies running applications in the cloud – launch a server in seconds and enjoy our straightforward API, CLI and Cloud Manager interface.  
  4. You are a developer, startup or SMB. AWS is designed for Enterprises, while Linode was designed for developers, startups, and small to medium-sized businesses.  
  5. No lock-in. Linode has always been a leading advocate for open source and open cloud, which means saying no to vendor lock-in and proprietary frameworks and services. 
  6. Prefer an independent cloud provider you can trust, who puts customers first, without the investors or competing businesses that can get in the way.
  7. Non-competitive. As Amazon continues to disrupt a broader range of industries, competitive conflicts arise, which fosters serious infrastructure questions for many developer teams and businesses.  The question is: Do you trust a technology partner to store your data, handle your transactions, support the most intimate details of your business, if that tech partner is also a competitor?

Why Choose Amazon AWS?

  1. You are an Enterprise Business.  While Linode does work with some Enterprise businesses, AWS is built for the complexities of large businesses and endless customization.  
  2. Nearly unlimited scale. Amazon invests billions of dollars in capacity each year which delivers a level of scale unrivaled in the cloud market.
  3. Need much more than just IaaS. While Amazon does provide public cloud (IaaS) they also offer a broad collection of platforms and apps as a service. 
  4. Looking for $100K in credits. For qualifying startups, you can get $100,000 in free infrastructure credits for a limited time.  This can be a game-changer for a new business, but beware of the lock-in and surprise high prices when the credits run out.