More About cigna insurance

Although we try our best to stay healthy, some medical conditions cannot be prevented. Depending on your pre-existing condition, you may be approved for coverage upon further review by Cigna. With this option, you can also choose supplemental coverage to create a customized health plan to fit any budget.

Cigna Key Features

  • Some pre-existing conditions are covered
  • Quote tailored to fit your specific needs
  • Access to Cigna’s vast global network of hospitals, doctors, and clinics
  • Save 10% with an annual or 3% with a quarterly payment
  • A la carte supplemental coverage available such as dental, vision, and medical evacuation

All applications are subject to underwriting review and approval.

Cigna Additional Benefits

  • One-year plans that are renewable annually
  • Varying levels of plans and price points, including Silver, Gold, and Platinum
  • Gold and Platinum plans cover inpatient and day patient maternity care
  • Choose from core inpatient plans that cover hospital stays, treatments, surgeon and consultation fees, cancer treatment, and more
  • Supplemental coverage is available for international outpatient care, medical evacuation, routine physical exams, counselling support, online health education programs, vision, and dental
  • Select the right deductible (the initial amount paid before your claim is covered) or cost share option (percentage of the claim that you must pay after your deductible has been paid, up to your out of pocket maximum) that works for you