6 bests ways on how to earn money on instagram

You’ve probably heard stories of Instagrammers cashing in on the pictures they post and share every day. You might’ve even looked at your own sizable following and thought, “Maybe I can do that full time too. Nowadays Companies are attracted to dedicated communities on the social networking app, even ones that number in the low thousands. If your followers fit the profile of consumers that a brand is trying to reach, you may be able to make some money, and if you are not interested in going the influencer route. you can to sell your own products.
With just 1,000 or so followers, you can make money on Instagram. Gramsale , a widely known digital marketing agency can also help you grow your account in days, Even if you have 1,000 followers who are engaged, the potential to make money is there,

6 Ways on How to make money on Instagram
  1. Create an Instagram shop
  2. Make money off your content
  3. Earn money for your content through tips and ads
  4. Work with brands on sponsored posts
  5. Sell your photos online or on things
  6. Become an affiliate
Create an Instagram shop

Do you know Instagram has released a ton of features under the Instagram Shopping umbrella, which allows people to easily shop your business’ videos and images on the platform.Just like your online store, you can also create product description pages in your shop. 
The best part? Setting up an Instagram shop is free. You’ll only pay a commission if someone purchases through Instagram checkout.

It doesn’t stop there. People can also buy your products throughout Instagram via features like:

  • Shoppable posts and Stories. You can use product tags to showcase items from your catalog in videos and images. People simply need to tap to learn more about an item.
  • Shoppable ads. You can also add product tags to ads and extend the reach of your shoppable posts. Setup is simple inside Ads Manager, or you can boost existing Instagram posts in your feed.
  • Instagram Shop tab. Instagram’s shopping tab is a destination for people looking to discover new brands that are relevant to them. This helps you more easily reach new customers on the app.
Make money off your content

Another way for entrepreneurs to make money on Instagram is through in-stream video ads. With these ads, brands can promote themselves within the videos you produce. How much you earn depends on the amount of views your video gets, or Monetizeable Plays, according to Instagram. You’ll get 55% of ad revenue generated from each view, paid monthly to your bank account. 

This are the 3 steps to Turn on In-stream Video Ads and start earning
  1. Go to Account Settings. Tap Creator, then In-Stream Video Ads.
  2. Tap Get Started. Read and agree to the terms and conditions. 
  3. Toggle Allow Monetization on your existing Instagram videos, then tap Continue to finish. 
Earn money for your content through tips and ads

Creators that have built an audience with content that delivers entertainment or information value have an increasing number of ways to earn money on Instagram

here are the primary ways to cash in on your Instagram content.

Link in bio

Tipping via platforms like Buy Me a Coffee, Ko-fi, and Patreon has become fairly common practice on Instagram. If you think your followers would be willing to support your work, direct them to a relevant link in your bio or Instagram Stories.

Instagram Live Badges

Creators that broadcast Instagram Live videos can earn “tips” from viewers in the form of heart badges. When a user purchases a badge, a heart icon appears next to their name in the live chat. Badges cost between $.99 and $4.99, with a cap of 250 USD per viewer per session.

In addition to badges, Instagram is starting to reward creators for hitting specific Instagram Live milestones, including live streaks and teaming up with different accounts. Similar perks may soon be available to Reels creators as well.

Work with brands on sponsored posts

An influencer is basically anyone who’s built themselves an online reputation by doing and sharing awesome things online. To their audiences, influencers are tastemakers, trendsetters, and trusted experts whose opinions about certain subjects are respected.Many brands just can’t compete with that, so they partner with influencers on sponsored content like posts, Reels, and Stories that help get the word out about their products.

How to find brands to work with

If you’re big enough, chances are brands will find you. But you can also look for brands to work with that are on a similar level in terms of personality and values, so your audience won’t feel like you’re “selling out.”

Sell your photos online or on things

Someone might get famous on Twitter by telling 140-character jokes, but Instagram is a photo-sharing app at its core. And photos are assets that can be licensed, printed, and sold in a variety of ways.

If photography is what got you into the Instagram game in the first place, you can list your photos in marketplaces like 500px or Twenty20, where brands and publishers might license them. The best part is that  Services like Printful and Teelaunch let you put your photos on posters, phone cases, pillows, and more, taking care of fulfilling orders and customer service, so all you really need to worry about is making sales.

Become an affiliate

This is typically done with a trackable link or unique promo code to ensure clicks actually translate into sales. Use a mix of clickable links in your Instagram profile bio and Instagram Stories or through stickers. Since you can’t put links in Instagram posts, you can create promo codes so you can make money from different angles. 

Consider reaching out to one of the many online merchants offering affiliate programs.

Affiliate marketing allows influencers to earn commission from the sales they inspire.

How does it work? Traceable links and promo codes shared in posts, Stories, or Instagram bios let brands track influencer referrals. Commission can range from 10-20%, depending on whether the partnership involves a pay-per-click or cost-per-acquisition model.