Reasons why Developers Love Linode

What Is Linode Powerful API

It provides an extensive API for accessing the servers and products through custom code. Using this API, developers can:

  1. handle tasks in Cloud Manager
  2. Setup Linode Server
  3. open support tickets
  4. manage network IP addresses
  5. configure node balancers
  6. deploy Kubernetes cluster
  7. manage invoices
  8. Manage Linode storage

Award-Winning Customer Support

Even though it offers cloud services at competitive prices, their support does not disappoint. Linode offers several tiers of support that users can go through to resolve their issues.

Affordable Cloud Computing

The affordability factor lies in the corporate DNA of Linode, and as such, they were the first to introduce a flat pricing model for cloud computing. Their slogan “ no calculator required ” set the idea for simple pricing. Today, they continue to deliver their promise by making pricing easy for all users.

Powered by Linux

Linode started as a brand for developers built by developers. In essence, It’s mission is similar to Ubuntu’s “for developers, by the developers.” According to an industry survey, 84% of developers prefer Linux as their development and deployment environment. As it’s an excellent choice for developers, who wish to work with an end-to-end Linux based application workflow.

Linode Data Centers

As you read this, it maintains 10 data centers across the globe. The idea is to provide the users with the choice of selecting the best Linode data center location that is closest to the target audience. This reduces the latency for the users and ensures a smooth experience for the visitors.  Linode data center locations include:

  1. Tokyo
  2. Mumbai
  3. Singapore
  4. Frankfurt
  5. London
  6. Toronto
  7. Newark
  8. Atlanta
  9. Dallas
  10. Fremont
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