How do I gain more subcribers and views in Youtube?

The most important thing to get more views and subscribers is having good content. However, you still need a clear promoting strategy. That is why only focusing on YouTube is not enough.

– You need to spread your videos to other social media. Then, you would have the chance to connect with many more audiences than only YouTuber users. For example, Facebook is known as a potential platform to link up with your video with multiple types of content. At the same time, TikTok is an entertaining platform that requires short and fun videos. Therefore, you should learn a little more about other popular media to take advantage of them as other promotional tools for your videos.

– Introduce your video through the blog post. It is better if you, at the same time, develop your YouTube channel with a blog. A blog is a place you can share a deeper understanding of any topic that you work on. Once the readers are attracted to your blog, they are more likely to open any link leading to your videos and possibly become your next subscribers.

You should not forget this aspect because it really helps to boost up your channel’s influence.

Here’s a solution: Chop the figure into manageable chunks instead of saying you want 1,000 YouTube subscribers.

Throughout the year, tell yourself that you want to gain:

  • 100 subscribers by March
  • 250 subscribers by June
  • 500 subscribers by August
  • 750 subscribers by October
  • 1,000 subscribers by December

You won’t hit those exact numbers each month. But it’s less scary (and more encouraging) to reach a mini-goal than obsess over a distant target.

Add a YouTube Subscribe Button to Your Videos

Here’s an easy hack to gain subscribers on every upload. Either create or download a graphic that says “subscribe,” then go to the YouTube Studio and upload it as a video watermark. When viewers watch your content, they’ll (hopefully) click the graphic to subscribe to your channel.

Here’s how to add a subscribe button on YouTube videos:

  1. Go to the YouTube Studio.
  2. Click Customization in the left navigation menu.
  3. Select the Branding tab.
  4. Scroll down to the Video Watermark section and upload your graphic.
  5. Choose a display time for the graphic: at end of the video, the entire video, or a custom timespan.
  6. Hit Publish in the top right corner of the page.

Never Stop Posting New Videos

Some creators don’t have a problem getting subscribers. They actually have a consistency gap, which hinders them from posting enough content, influencing the YouTube algorithm, and growing their audience.

On YouTube, you’re a show. If you don’t post a video for a long time, it’s the same as “Game of Thrones” (when that was a thing) withholding episodes for two weeks straight. Naturally, people will move on and watch something else.

You don’t have to post daily or even three days a week to grow on YouTube. But you do have to maintain a regular posting schedule to keep people subscribed to your channel.