Linode Core Features

What is Linode?

US-based IaaS provider.

Here are the core features of using Linode:

Dedicated CPU & GPU

 For accelerated CPU applications, the use of a Dedicated CPU is considered the best infrastructure solution. 100% CPU run time, ability to operate latency-sensitive apps and instance modification characteristics also make it perfect for users. Besides, this cloud vendor delivers on-demand GPUs with the power of CUDA and NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000.

Kubernetes Cluster Deployments

 Without charging management fees, it sets up and administers clusters with effortless actions. LKE also backs assimilation with tools like Operators, Ranchers and Helm. DNS management, storage, automated recovery and etcd backups are also some exciting properties of LKE.

High Memory

 It doesn’t accelerate the memory retrieval operation but also allows massive data inquiries.

Shared Instances: To deal with high workload, the shared instances of Linode are the perfect choices for both small and large businesses.

Management Tools

To improve customer experience, Linode offers management tools including Cloud Manager, prebuilt images, APIs and custom StackScripts. With the presence of these management tools, it becomes straightforward to deploy, manage and scale applications with Linode.


With 11 data centres in different regions of the world, Linode provides three kinds of storages. The first one is Block Storage which allows handling data independently. It is flexible to enhance storage capacity & speed with ultra-fast NVMe drives and HDDs at Block Storage.

The second one is Object Storage which is known for free transfers, S3 compatibility and high availability of data. Similarly, Linode also grants Cloud Backups. With the help of these backups, you can approach your data anytime locally.


To improve the networking experience of users, Linode is giving versatile features. It protects your infrastructure by using DDoS protection and uses NodeBalances and DNS managers to improve the scalability of applications. Under the networking section, it also grants DNS controls and Cloud Firewall to extend and safeguard apps.
What is Linode?

What are the advantages of Linode?

– Multiple datacenters
– High Uptime
– Low cost

What are the best Linode alternatives?

– Digital Ocean
– Vultr