App running on debug mode only for Flutter {solved}

this are solutions to this is to run your code in “release” mode?

Within a terminal you can do that via flutter run --release.

In Android Studio you could double tap shift to bring up the search everywhere command window. If you simply type release you should be able to find the Flutter Run main.dart in Release Mode command.

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Also you can find this in the menu under “Run” just like so:

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  • Running commands:App by default runs on debug mode, it is bit janky but needed to provide features like hot reload and hot restart. However, if you want to run the app in other modes, try these commands:
    1. Release mode:flutter run --release
    2. Profile mode:flutter run --profile

  • Adding flags in the IDE:You can also add these flags in IDE, click on main.dart in the toolbar:Add --release flag in the Additional run flags option

solution 2

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solution 3
try using shortcuts

You can use the following Shortcuts to open the configuration of the run and write –release

ALTSHIFTF10 then Press 0 and Press ALTa

Finally, you are there where you just have to write –release and Press ENTER

Thats it!
solution 4

1- The first one is to use the debugShowCheckModeBanner property in your MaterialApp widget .

Code :

  debugShowCheckedModeBanner: false,

And then do a hot reload.

2-The second possibility is to hide debug mode banner in Flutter Inspector if you use Android Studio or IntelliJ IDEA .

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3- The third possibility is to use Dart DevTools .

But if you want to switch to release mode ,

Use this command for running your app flutter run --release

or In Android Studio , click on :

> Run
> Flutter Run ‘main.dart’ in Release Mode

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