BEST System Design Resources 2022

These are the best resources for System Design on the Internet.

Video Processing

Transcoding Videos at Scale:

Facebook Video Broadcasting:

Netflix Video Encoding at Scale:

Netflix Shot based encoding:

Cluster and Workflow Management

Facebook Cluster Management:

Google Autopilot – Autoscaling:

Netflix Workflow Orchestration:

Opensource Workflow Management:

Intra-Service Messaging

What is a message queue:

AirBnb Idempotency:

Nginx Service Mesh:

Message Queue Antipattern

DB as queue Antipattern:

Using a database as a message queue:

Anti-pattern of DB as a queue:

Drawbacks of DB as a queue:

Service Mesh

Kubernetes Service Mesh:

Kubernetes Sidecar:

Practical System Design

Facebook Messenger Optimisations:

YouTube Architecture:

YouTube scalability 2012:

Distributed Design Patterns:

Monolith to Microservice:

Distributed File System

Open Source Distributed File System:

Amazon S3 Performance hacks:

Amazon S3 object expiration:

Time Series Databases

Pintrest Time Series Database:

Uber Time Series DB:

TimeSeries Relational DB:

Facebook Gorilla Time Series DB:

Rate Limiting

Circuit Breaker Algorithm:

Uber Rate Limiter:

Network Protocols

What is HTTP:

QUIC Protocol:

Chess Engine Design

Chess Engine Building:

Subscription Management System

Subscription Manager:

Google Docs

Operational Transform:

Google Docs:

API Design

API Design:

Swagger APIs:

NoSQL Database Internals

Cassandra Architecture:

Google BigTable Architecture:

Amazon Dynamo DB Internals:

Design Patterns in Amazon Dynamo DB:

Internals of Amazon Dynamo DB:

NoSQL Database Algorithms

Hyperloglog Algorithm:

Log Structured Merge Tree:

Sorted String Tables and Compaction Strategies:

Leveled Compaction Cassandra:

Scylla DB Compaction:

Indexing in Cassandra:

Database Replication

Database replication:

Netflix Data replication – Change Data Capture:

Containers and Docker

Facebook Twine Containerization:

CloudFlare Containerization:

Docker Architecture:

Capacity Estimation

Google Capacity Estimation:

Scalability at YouTube 2012:

Back of envelope Calculations at AWS:

Capacity Estimation:

Publisher Subscriber

Oracle Publisher Subscriber:

Amazon Pub Sub Messaging:

Asynchronous processing:

Async Request Response:

Event Driven Architectures

Martin Fowler- Event Driven Architecture:

Event Driven Architecture:

Hexagonal Architectures

Hexagonal Architecture:


Monolith Architecture:

Monoliths vs Microservices:


Uber Nanoservices antipattern:

Uber Domain oriented microservice:

Load Balancing

Load Balancer with Sticky Sessions:

Citrix what is load balancing:

Nginx Load Balancing:

Consistent hashing:

Alerts and Anomaly Detection

Outlier Detection:

Anomaly Detection:

Uber Real Time Monitoring and Root Cause Analysis Argos:

Microsoft Anomaly Detection:

Facebook Data Engineering:

Distributed Logging

Uber Distributed Request Tracing:

Pintrest Logging:

Google Monitoring Infrastructure:

Metrics and Text Search Engine

Facebook real time text search engine:

Elastic Search Time Based Querying:

Elastic Search Aggregation:

Single Point of Failure

Avoiding Single Points of Failure:

Netflix Multi-Region Availability:

Oracle Single Points of failure:

DNS single point of failure 2004:


Location Based Services

Google S2 library:

Real Time Processing

LinkedIn Brooklin- Real time data streaming:

Netflix Real Time Stream Processing:


Google Guava Cache:

Caching (See the README):


Microsoft Caching Guide:

Caching patterns:


These are the best resources for System Design on the Internet




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