All About The CG Cudo Miner

CG CUDO MINER is a powerful Bitcoin mining software that is connected to big server like Binance server
to allow you to mine bitcoin easily without using your PC frequency or anything.

With a mining power between 1000 and 60,000 TH / S or more , you can mine up to 100 BTC.
However, you need permanent internet access and your computer on mains power almost all the time mining can take.

Withdrawals of mined cryptocurrency are made automatically.

  • The best BTC Mining Software 2022 & The most legitimate BTC product available at the moment.
  • Support all laptops
  • Support all Windows version
  • Available in all countries ( USA, India, Indonesia, Asia, Germany, UK, Africa… )
  • Free virus & Safe to use
  • Auto payment & Instant withdrawal
  • Instant connect
  • No mining fee – No withdrawal fee… etc
  • Bitcoin from this software is real and transferable to any wallet and get all confirmation.

    Cudo Miner is a cryptocurrency miner packed with features that help you earn as much money as possible from your laptop or PC. Cudo Miner is easy to install, safe on your hardware and secure to use.

How can I configure Cudo Miner automatically?

Create an RC config file in the following location.

  • Windows: C:\Program Files\Cudo Miner\.cudo_minerrc
  • macOS: /usr/local/cudo-miner/.cudo_minerrc
  • Linux: /etc/cudo_minerrc

Use the following options to configure the RC file using INI format

  • device-name – friendly device name used in console, default is device hostname
  • device-labels – comma-separated device labels appended to the device startup
  • org – switch the device to work from another organization, accepts a username
  • config-id – switch the device configuration, accepts config identifier
  • access-key – authenticate the device with an organization generated key
  • store-path – directory path for writing state files
  • registry-path – directory path for storage of workload binaries
  • registry-expiry-hours – prune registry items that have been unused in a specific number of hours, default: ‘720’ (30 days)
  • cooldown-period – time in milliseconds to wait after shutting down workloads, default ‘3000’ (3 seconds)

For example:

  • device-name=miner3
  • org=cudominerorg
  • cooldown-period=9000

How to run Cudo Miner in the background as a service

Intructions on how to run Cudo Miner in the background, as a service, for Windows, Linux and MacOS are below.


1. Open the installer

2. Select the headless mode when asked for the installation type.

4. Enter your organization username when prompted.

5. Complete the installation and navigate to the web console to administrate your miner.


1. Follow the Linux installation instructions and install the “cudo-miner-headless” package only.

2. Navigate to the console to administrate your miner.


1. Run the installer package.

2. When the installation type screen is reached select the “Customise” button.

3. Un-check the desktop app from the list and finsih the installation

4. Complete the installation and navigation to the console to administrate your miner.

How to Run Cudo Miner via command-line interface