Is it safe to link bank account to Binance ?

Yeah its absolutely to link your bank account to binance,Bank transfers are fast and secure, with both free and low-fee options to choose from. No matter where you are in the world, chances are your preferred financial institution allows you to transfer money via bank transfer. 

Binance P2P allows buyers and sellers to choose from more than 300 different payment methods, bank transfers remain one of the most popular and desirable payment options on the platform. 

How Do I Buy Crypto with Bank Transfer?

Step 1: Tap [Buy] on the top left, select the fiat currency you want to pay with and then select [BTC], or the cryptocurrency you’d like to buy.

Step 2: Tap the button on the top right. Filter the ads by selecting Bank Transfer in the drop-down menu. Afterwards, choose the P2P ad that suits your needs.

Step 3: Enter the amount you want to purchase, tap [Buy BTC] and then press [To Payment Page]

Step 4: Select [Bank Transfer], copy and paste the required details from your mobile banking app and then transfer the funds. These details may include a bank account number, bank name, branch information, or more. Once the seller receives your funds, they’ll then release the crypto assets. 

Transfer with a specific bank

If you’re performing a transaction with a counterparty who uses the same bank, select the “Transfer with a specific bank” option to transfer funds to another customer with the same bank that you have selected. On Binance P2P, you will see a large list of banks that you can use to transfer in your local currency. However, in case you didn’t find the name of your bank, this option allows you to add your bank account information.