Lazymux is a tool installer that is specially made for termux user which provides a lot of tool mainly used tools in termux and its easy to use, Lazymux install any of the given tools provided by it from itself with just one click, and its often get updated.

With just one click, you may get practically all of the top termux tools from Lazymux’s collection. The concept behind the lazymux utility is that you don’t have to go looking for the tool you need to use; instead, it acts as a library of tools that are arranged into categories. You can browse any category and locate the tool that is most appropriate for you to use in a given circumstance.

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  • Tool Installation
    Install Single Tool
    lzmx > set_install 1
    Install Multi Tool
    lzmx > set_install 1 2 3 4
    Install All Tool
    lzmx > set_install @
  • Default Dir Install On lazymux.conf replace symbol ~ with directory you want
    Example: lazymux.conf
    HOME = /sdcard


• Python 3.x

Lazymux Installation guide

apt install python git

git clone

cd Lazymux